One of the problems I looked into this week was why some items on our site that used to be in bold were no longer displaying as such. Viewing the source showed me that the text was indeed surrounded by <strong> tags.

Using the awesome Firebug extension for Firefox, I could see that the ext-all.css file was disabling the font-weight on the strong tag. This was quite surprising to me!

The ext-all.css file will automatically be included on your page whenever you use almost any of the UI features such as cfgrid, cflayout, etc.

You can easily reproduce the problem with this minimal code:

<cflayout type="tab"></cflayout>	
<strong>This should be bold but its not.</strong>

You can fix the problem by adding this to your site’s style sheet, if you have one:

strong { font-weight: bold; }

If you don’t use a separate style sheet you can just put it directly into your page like this:

<style type="text/css">
strong { font-weight: bold; }

Hopefully this can be fixed before 9.01 comes out. I think its a pretty big deal, it disabled tons of bold content on our site. A lot of our content is created using the FCK rich text editor, which uses strong tags to indicate bold. I’ve file a bug report with Adobe, you can vote for this bug here:

After looking through the EXT documentation, I think this css originates with the EXT group. But when Adobe repackages EXT into CF, they need to either override this style it or take it out of the css file completely.


  1. Ryan says:

    I've found the same problem exists with the <em> tag (italics).  Fix it with this in your CSS:

    em { font-style: italic; }

    I see the bug I had created for the bold issue is marked closed, so hopefully this will be fixed in the 9.1 update.

  2. Quido T. Sarducci says:

    Has NE1 had this problem with <br /> and <p>?  CF9 does not seem to recognize these tags either.

    BTW, many thanx for the tips on <strong> and <em>, really helpful.

  3. Kris says:

    Hi Quido, I have the same problem.  I loaded my content on a new CF9 box (no changes from CF8) and noticed all my content is scrunched together, as it appears to be ignoring my P paragraph tags.  

    I don't know if it this is CF9 related or IIS on WS2008 related, but I'm stuck until I can figure this one out short of re-coding the entire site.