Tonight I published an update to my Craigslist Spam Buttons greasemonkey script. (If you don’t know what this is about, see my earlier post). I’ve had some feedback on the script, and I was able to incorporate those requests. Now the [spam] buttons are displayed at the front of item link. And when you click on the link, a request is made in the background to mark the item as spam. You no longer have to jump to the flag-spam page, then click the continue browsing button to get back to where you were. Instead the [spam] button changes to a red check mark to indicate that it has been marked.

This is more difficult than you would think, you can’t just do a simple AJAX request because your browser will only make requests to the same site you are on. In this case you are browsing on, but the flag-spam page is on

The greasemonkey extension does provide a built in method to make http calls to external sites, but that would break my Opera compatibility. So instead I load the flag-spam page as the src of a JavaScript-created image object.

It was fun to figure out, I really enjoy programming in JavaScript.

You can get the script from Here is a screen shot:

Craigslist spam buttons, v1.1


  1. Jim H says:

    diog3n3s, post your email address. would like to learn more about how to auto-flag. thx.

  2. Sonny Buono says:

    I used to know how it could be done…. by changing proxies…….  so CL thinks multiple comps are flagging an adv…… but I heard it stopped working

  3. nobody says:

    To those trying to justify the spamming of CL …

    If everyone flags spam its not a difficult or time consuming process.

    If nobody flags spam … CL will become overwhelmed and eventually useless. Then nobody will go there and all spammers will have accomplished is the destruction of a great resource.

    If everyone douche with a business out of his garage started spammed CL see above.

    The concept of spamming is that same element of greed that destroyed americas economy. People who are only out to get theirs at the expense of everyone else. This is why its worth flagging.

  4. RodrigoMarcus says:

    diog3n3s! Contact me – got something to tell, thanx!

  5. Flagger says:

    Even craigsflagger doesn't seem to be working anymore.  If anyone has a real working way to flag spam and knock it off quickly, please let me know.

  6. Bill says:

    You can select multiple postings by holding "control" as you click on them.  They line up at the top in the toolbar.  Click to open, click to flag, close, repeat

  7. SG says:

    I really hate to see something as simple,free, and open to all abused with these unconscious scumbags…
    I would be happy to volunteer a few hours a week to remove repeated and redundant spam….
    Did craigsflagger ever work or was it abused by the spammers ?
    PLEASE someone step up and create a solution for this…..

  8. Flagger says:

    Craigsflagger used to work fairly well.  Now it's a joke.  I can run Craigsflagger 10,000 tries with 6,000 supposedly "successful" flags and it still doesn't kill an ad.  I can't imagine why anyone would actually pay for that service.  Proxy servers flagging is the only that's working for me now.

  9. carlitos says:

    just wondering what type of proxy server can i use?

  10. unkown says:

    why don't somebody make a craigslist community flagging script, Where it's a website that u can enter a ad to flag and when u enter that ad you want to flag it will make your computer flag that ad and 5 other ads that were requested from other people (maybe just make it a popup windowa… I'm sure if you have enough people going to your site to flag ads it will work pretty good/fast figure 20 people posting ads to flag thats 20 real flags..

    hell if there was a good programer make a p2p flagger where 20-100 people all connect to each other and when a flag is requested everyone connected to the site flags the ad.. hell i'm sure u could flag any ad pretty quck with something like that… best of all its not using proxies…..

  11. Agnes says:

    Hi there … Message me for more details on effective flagging 😉 … I can do it for you .. both Removing and Best of … I am avail for mor ethan 12 hours .. aduring US times and it will be handy for you to ward off your competitors as and when they pop up .. Message me anytime .. Ready to start immly 😀

  12. Spam Killer says:

    Spamming is a big problem on Craigslist. I'm looking for 10 people who want to work together to remove spam off Craigslist.  If you are interested and want to work together removing spam send email to  clspamkiller1 (at) gmail . com  . thanks

  13. Pegasus says:

    People check out

    You can use it to remove postings as well as keep your own postings alive for much longer time.

  14. Sandwalker says:

    AGNES – please contact me, I want to hire some CL flaggers to remove some spammers.  email me sd (at)

  15. Julia says:

    to: diog3n3s.
    I have a problem. My post gets flagged every 10 min since I post it. It's fine in Sacramento area. I know, it's all about selling and someone who is trying to sell the car for more won't let me sell mine, because my price is lower. and it's a sporty car with body kits. I really need money, so I'm trying to sell it, but get flagged every time I post!!!  Can anyone please help?? is there anti-flag script or something? I want to use this website, but looks like I have to forget this idea and start looking for other places to post my ads.

  16. Lone Wolf Flagger says:

    I am a so called Lone Wolf Flagger looking for other similar individuals to collaborate and assist with flagging efforts. If you are dedicated and have good real-time access to your flagging button I'd like to hear from you. Email me at

    This group is not intended for automotive competitor or pet ad flaggers.

  17. Ernie says:

    Agnes, please contact me as I'd like to get more details on effective Flagging.  If you're still interested, let's get started.

    Email me at:

  18. Joeker says:

    Does this still work.  I've loaded it and when I click on SPAM on the left, it highlights red SPAM with a line thru it.  It also shows this whenever I simply open a post.  Is this normal?  Am I flagging every post I look at?

       Thanks for a great script & your help!

  19. Ryan says:

    Joeker I don't know if it still works, CL changes their links around periodically and I haven't used the script for a long time.

    It won't flag each link that you click on, it only flags when you click the SPAM link.

  20. Joeker says:

    OK – thanks – since there is no "real" confirmation that it is working, I figured I'd ask.

       Should it show up as a red SPAM with a line thru it, or a checkmark as pictured above?  

       Also, is there something newer/better than this out there to quickly flag items?  The SPAM on our local list is becoming so unbelievably blatant & annoying.

  21. Ryan says:

    The checkmark indicator was from an old version.  I believe the most recent version uses the word SPAM with a strike through it.

  22. Johnny says:

    CL is a Cespool of spam and illegal activity. Its a clear sign that flagging doesn't work. In the big cities there are hundreds of dealers without permits operating on craigslist. There is everything from drugs to prostitution and even child porn cd-roms and not to mention the regulars which is 10000 counterfeit DVD, Phones, Software, Clothes posted daily.. The utlimate flagging tool would be a DA that puts that loser craig away for a long time for facilitating all this illegal activity.

  23. Roxy says:

    I think this is really unfair to people who are posting legitimate ads and having people use these programs to flag them down maliciously.  I post ads for my business that fall in line 100% with craigslist rules, yet someone, perhaps a competitor flags my ads down within minutes.  It's just unfair.

  24. Cathy says:

    I have exactly the same problem as Roxy. This is completely UNFAIR, personally I think that Craigslist staff should change their policies and do something about these UNFAIR practices. So business have several posting for their business. However if I want to post my ad only once it is being flagged with NO REASON, just because I can be a competitor. I will be seeking help with that!!!

  25. Joeker says:

    There is no good way for 1 person to FLAG someone's ads.  It takes several different IP's (people) to FLAG an ad.  I've seen a number of businesses say "I'm not breaking the rules" yet next day they post similar ads in 3 categories in 2 different locations.  I especially like the ones that add characters to the subject line yet claim they're doing no wrong.

       It'd be better if all businesses had to pay for CL ads!  That'd cut down on the over-posting and violations significantly!  Better yet – how 'bout no business ads at all?  Or move all business posting to a different section.

       I've not seen any business which is following CL's Terms of Use (which they all agree to when they sign up) get flagged within minutes of posting.


  26. Janet says:

    I'm a small company that has been posting on CL for quite some time than all of a sudden my ads started getting flagged left and right by my competitor. I tried to reason with my competitor but they would not listen.  I decided to make a program that would flag their multiple ads the put up on a daily basis.  I contacted them and told them what I was going to do but they continued to flag my ads. I started flagging all there ads and guess what? They stopped flaggin my ads.  I guess from time to time you need to fight fir with fire!  it worked for me : )

  27. Flagger says:

    Janet, you're full of it.  No program is working now that flags ads automatically.  Also, effective Oct. 2009, Craigslist made the flagging system only work on flags where the IP addres was local to the ad.  This killed the Craigsflagger program and all others.  The only way to effectively flag ads now is to drive around and hit wireless hotspots.  I do this often to fight back against my competition.  I have a string of wireless locations lined out.  I can flag anything off at will if I want to take the time.

  28. Janet says:

    Is that right? Let's test my program shall we. Forward me a couple of your ad links and we'll is if they come down or not.  ; )

  29. Betty says:

    I have a small business and a few days ago some guy by the name of the craigslist flagger started harassing me via E-mail telling me that he watches every ad that I post and he is going to Flagg me if I continue to post. I’m 100% sure its a competitor. Every time I post an ad, 5 minutes later it gets flag. The worst part is that this guy sends me tex messages threatening me telling me that some thing is going to happen to me if I continue to post.
    I file a police report and the police told me they can’t really do nothing unless something happens to me. This monster goes by the name of the craigslist flagger using this email address CraigsList Master Flagger
    This is the number he uses wo tex me some very nasty emails. 818-854-0743

    I also file a report with Craig’s list and I havent got a reply from them yet.

  30. Joeker says:

    One question – Are you posting legally (ie. by the Craigslist Terms of Use )?  

       I've not seen people (competitors or not) flag posts that are not over-posted (multi-posts or multi-areas), prohibited, or in the wrong category (if you provide a service it belongs in services!).

       Nobody should be flagging their competitors unless they're breaking the ToU.  If they do, they shouldn't be unhappy when CL kicks ALL businesses off!

  31. Flagger says:

    I still don't believe you Janet, think you're full of it.  It won't let me post links here so how about an email address?  I'll send you a few ad links and see if you can flag them off.