Last weekend was my annual company dinner. We had a wonderful meal at Colton’s Woodfired Grill. Several awards were handed out, and somehow I was chosen to receive the grand prize – Uber Geek of the Year. I was told my achievements that led up to this were:

  • Always working through a large stack of programming books on my desk
  • Attending several user groups in the area
  • Sometimes driving over 100 miles to attend neighboring user groups
  • Running the Nebraska ColdFusion Users Group
  • My gadget compulsion – For the last few months I have been receiving several shipments each week from around the world: HD cameras, RC airplanes, helicopters, batteries, parts, etc.

The trophy was made out of computer parts from the very first servers used when CF WebTools was founded.

This beautiful hand-crafted trophy will sit with pride on my shelf until next year. I thought about trying to mod it so the fans spin, or the LEDs light up, but I figure that will only guarantee I win this prestigious award again next year…

Ryan with the Uber Geek award

Uber Geek button

Uber Geek Award - full size


  1. Adrock says:

    Awesome trophy! Congrats!

    I think you guys at WebTools may be in danger of having too much fun at work. 😉

  2. Greg Vena says:

    Fantastic Trophy. Can you put me in touch with the person who designed/produced it.

  3. Ryan says:

    Greg I believe it was built by my boss's kids.