Last night I gave a presentation to our local ColdFusion Users Group on Adobe Spry. There is a lot to cover, so we didn’t get too deep, but everyone seemed to be pretty impressed with what they did see of it.

Attached are my slides and code examples. To reduce file size, only the necessary Spry files are included, so if you are going to play around with Spry you really should download the complete release. Also note that if you are trying to run these examples on a Linux box, the two related selects example won’t run. You can blame the Spry team for their sample XML data – the states.xml file references states in mixed case, but the statename.xml files are in lower case.

Here my resource links from the end of the presentation:
Offical Site –
● Ray Camden has written several blog posts about using
Spry –
● QueryToXml UDF –
● toXML is a ColdFusion component that translates various ColdFusion datatypes into XML strings –

Download the presentation slides and code examples